Tskaltubo is self-governing region of Imereti. It became an official spa resort since 1920 and was granted city status in 1953.

It located in the central part of Imereti. The municipality bordered to the East of city Kutaisi, to the West Khoni and Samtredia and to the South Baghdati and Vani municipalities.

The determining factor for the physical and geographic terrain wide oval-shaped hole at Kvabur mineral sources, which surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides. The terrain is hilly plan-basic forms.In Tskaltubo are The rivers Gubistskali and Tskaltubo.

In Tskaltubo are 43 settelments: 1 town and 42 villiges. The municipality is divided into the following units: 1city Tskaltubo and 11 communities: Gvishtibi, Gumbra, dghnorisa, Maglaki, Mekvena, Opurchkheti, Patriketi, Rioni, Kvitiri, Tskhunkuri, Tskaltubo and four villages: Geguti, Sakulia, Opshkviti, Phartskhanakanevi.

The main transport links of municipality is Tskaltubo, which connected its motorway links to the cities: Kutaisi, Khoni, Tsageri, Tkibuli. The city connected by rail to Kutaisi. It is the most important spa resort in The world, which concentration of radon in water is a unique resource for economy, which has always attracted holidaymakers resort and also it is interesting for tourists it’s caves “Sataplia” and “Prometheus” underground beauty and healing specific factors.

The city area located the feudal important monuments of secular architecture of Georgia. The Palace of Geguti X-XI centuries. The Chrunch of Natlismtsemeli Jonh in the village Derchi VIII-IX c.c and the Church Zarati in village Zarati XI c. and also there is the museum of Academic George Akhvlediani, the museum of writer Niko Lortkipanidze in village Chuneshi and the museum of George Akhvlediani in village Derchi.