Spa resort

Due to its geographical location, climate, nature of mineral waters, treatment methods and effectiveness, Tskaltubo is a balneological resort, where you can relax and perform healing procedures at any time of the year.

The main mineral resource of Tskaltubo is the well-known healing thermal water, which is unique in its physical and chemical properties.

Its main characteristic feature is its radioactivity.

The water contains noble gas, radon emanation, large amounts of nitrogen and helium, which is why it belongs to the class of gaseous nitrogenous waters.

The high-quality mineral water of Tskaltubo is characterized by the constancy of the natural optimal temperature of 35 degrees, which makes baths easy to bear with.

Water in the baths comes directly from the springs without heating or cooling. Its natural temperature is over 20 degrees.


Due to the naturally high temperature, radium-emanation and the presence of nitrogen gases, the healing water of Tskaltubo belongs to the thermal gaseous radioactive waters.

It is a complex and rare phenomenon, and its analogue can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

The chemical composition of all the sources is the same, it does not change at different times of the year and it does not depend on atmospheric precipitation.

At the same time, the water temperature approaches body temperature.

While taking a bath, the first sensation for the patient is a pleasant warmth, this warmth depends on the harmony of physical and chemical moments, which is why the water in the tub does not need to be heated or cooled.

The body of patient is constraint to 500-1500 liters of water, which further increases the effect of radon.

The desired proportions of mineral waters give the best healing effects.

The pleasant temperature, the presence of nitrogen, radon, radium, other beneficial gases, as well as anti-inflammatory active ions and hard water are added, create the unique comfort of a healing bath, thus the resort has always attracted vacationers

The mineral water of Tskaltubo cures up to sixty diseases, such as: limbs, peripheral nervous system, heart and blood vessels, skin, metabolic disorders, endocrine system, gynecological and other diseases.

The treatment with Tskaltubo waters is so effective that in many cases, the sick who arrived with crutches has left without them, many childless women have fulfilled their dream of motherhood.

Tskaltubo is an effective treatment for children with rheumatism, poliomyelitis and celebral palsy.

The term of treatment is 20-24 days.

In addition to a daily twenty-minute thermal bath, water exercises, underwater massage, stretching, circular and ascending shower “Sharko”, gynecological irrigations, electro-therapy and other procedures are prescribed to the patients, depending on the need.

Although the water of Tskaltubo is unique, its resort potential goes beyond that.

In the 1970s, another natural healing factor, karst caves, was discovered in Tskaltubo, the microclimate of which is successfully used for the treatment of bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, hypertension, neuroses and pneumonia.

The development of tourism in Tskaltubo municipality has a very honorable mission, it should become a guarantor of the economic development of the region.

Along with balneo facilities, caves equipped for tourism and implementation of planned infrastructural projects have become an important factor for the promotion of tourism.

With the existing natural and geographical conditions, it is possible to carry out therapeutic and recreational functions, arrange phyto, speleogical and paleontological tours.