The water with unique healing properties of Tskaltubo is the main factor, which is why the number of visitors and tourists in our town is increasing, along with balneotherapy, the microclimate of karst caves “Sataplia Cave”, “Prometheus Cave”, and “Satsurblia Cave” are used for treatment.

Peace, healthy environment, healthcare, exoticism, affordable prices, kindness and hospitality from citizens, modern infrastructure, well-equipped and family guest houses, excellent Georgian cuisine and tourist routes to any part of Georgia await you.

According to the wishes of tourists, local tourist companies can arrange any tourist route in the territory of Georgia

According to the data of 6 months of 2019, the number of tourists and vacationers who came to Tskaltubo is 21,483

In 2019, “Balneo Resort Tskaltubo” became an affiliated member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. UNWTO is a specialized body of the United Nations, which is the leading international organization in the field of tourism and promotes the development of viable and accessible tourism worldwide, especially in developing countries.

In 2018, Tskaltubo, as a balneological resort, became a member of the Association of European Historic and Thermal Towns (“EHTTA”).

Membership of the association aims to protect and develop balneological heritage, as well as cooperation with various balneological cities /towns of the world, such as Baden-Baden, Vichy and etc.

“Sataplia Cave” was discovered by Petre Chabukiani during his searching for the site of the first human settlement, in 1925.

The stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates presented as decorations create different halls and amazing landscapes: the constant temperature in the cave is 14 degrees.

The state reserve of “Sataplia Cave”combines the Kolkhi forest, karst cave and dinosaur tracks.

The infrastructure of the state reserve of “Sataplia Cave” includes: a visitor center, a dinosaur footprint conservation building, an exhibition hall, a glass panoramic view, cafes, gift shops, a well-equipped cave and marked trails.

Visitors can visit fossilized footprints of dinosaurs, karst cave, rock trail, the Kolkhi forest, panoramic views.

“Sataplia Cave” is located in Tskaltubo municipality in Imereti region, where have been found, both, predatory and herbivorous dinosaur footprints of different eras.

Visitor center: Tskaltubo municipality, village Banoja

Easy walking routes, suitable for family trips allow you to visit the dinosaur footprint conservation building, unique karst cave, exhibition hall, relict Kolkhi forest and wild bee habitat, and to see the beautiful view of Imereti region from the glass panoramic view.

Entry fee:

The price of the ticket for citizens of Georgia is 8 GEL, for citizens of other countries – 17.25 GEL;

Ticket for adults – 8 GEL;

Ticket for students – 5.5 GEL;

Ticket for children under 6 years old – free;

Guide services are provided in Georgian, English and Russian languages and are included in the price of the ticket.

Tours are conducted throughout the year.

Working hours: from 10:00 to 17:30.

Working days: Every day except Monday.