The history of Tskaltubo

The first historical records about Tskaltubo date back to the 7th – 9th centuries, by the 12th -13th centuries it was already known as a healing joint.

The natural richness of Tskaltubo – in 1913, a thorough chemical analysis of the healing water proved its uniqueness.

It became an official balneological resort in 1920, and was declared a town in 1953.

During the years of the Soviet Union, it was known as a resort of the Union level.

Tskaltubo is one of the rare resorts to have been designed and built according to a scientifically based, original general plan.

Were built 22 sanatoriuns, many of which are architectural masterpieces.

More than 150 different species of deciduous and conifers plants have been artificially grown.

Healing springs and 9 bathes were in greenery.

According to the plan, all this was arranged in the form of amphitheater.